Conference Badge Printing

October 28, 2022

Conference Badge Printing

American Tradeshow Services' premium event badge printing offers a full range of badge styles, materials, custom design services, and printer types to suit varying applications. In the past, slick-looking badges with high-tech functionality meant pre-printing months in advance. Today, ATS’ large format TotalBadgePlus™ badges are created on our high-speed printers that facilitate FastTrack™ auto check-in and badge printing onsite. With TotalBadgePlus™, staff can clip the lanyard directly onto the badge as it dispenses from the printer.  Eliminate pre-printing attendee badges and bulky vinyl holders by switching to one of our premium badge solutions.

Conference Badge Printing

ATS’ Badge Printing Process

Whether you use ATS for pre-event online registration or use an online registration system you already have in place, our badge printing software easily integrates with any registration platform.  We have current integrations with dozens of different registration systems and create new or custom integrations regularly. ATS can also do a simple import of your registration data into our conference badge printing software. The ATS project management team then works hand in hand with show management to determine everything required for the onsite badging experience, like pop-up messages, tickets, access control, photo badges, and more!

 ATS has an in-house graphics team that can assist with badge design or can provide design templates that your marketing and graphics teams can use to design your event badge on their own. We have the ability to produce badges with RFID tags that allow your attendees to receive continuing education credits without presenting their badge, as well as produce badges with robust QR codes that can control access to certain events within your conference i.e. paid sessions, dinners, or events where there is limited seating.     

ATS has a large inventory of various high-speed printers, which we recommend for events with high-volume attendance or production of personalized badges and tickets per attendee. For events that prefer the aesthetic of plastic badges, American Tradeshow Services houses a large inventory of card printers capable of producing high-quality professional ID style badges in a flash.

Badge Printing Changed the Game for the LACUE

In our case study for Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE), you’ll learn how ATS’ conference badge printing changed the game. 

LACUE is a technology group for educators in Louisiana. Senior Association Coordinator, Jennifer Constantin, has been in her position for 12 years. She plans all of the LACUE events throughout the year. Jenny enjoys the fact that educators use what they learn at the LACUE conferences in their classrooms.

“Before we used ATS’ badge printing services, we spent days printing and organizing into about 15 file boxes.”
Jennifer Constantin

Before making the transition to our conference badge printing, the LACUE team manually preprinted over 1500 badges in their office on custom paper cardstock. This perforated cardstock included the attendees’ name badge, receipt, drink tickets, and door prize tickets. The team worked multiple days and many hours manually merging the registrants’ data from a spreadsheet to preprint each badge and then file in alphabetical order. “The most painful part was the time that it took to complete the process. We spent days printing and organizing into about 15 file boxes.”

Since the change to premium badge stock, LACUE has eliminated the preprinting and manual preshow process for their events. Moving to the premium badge solution has saved Jenny and her team valuable time to dedicate to other tasks. LACUE’s preshow process had always been a big concern, and now with premium badge stock and print on demand, LACUE’s new approach is effortless and flawless.

Bring Your Badge Game Up To Speed

Searching through a sea of pre-printed badges is a thing of the past. By using ATS’ print-on-demand service, you can eliminate long lines at registration, giving your attendees more time to connect and engage with exhibitors or other attendees. This service also allows for solving mishaps such as misspelled names or incorrect attendee information right at your registration desk in seconds.

Bring Your Badge Game Up To Speed

If you don’t have the time or capability to design a badge for your event, don’t fret. ATS' team of in-house graphic designers can help your team create a badge customized specific to the needs of your event. Our team works daily with event planners' in-house graphics experts providing guidance and can also receive graphics to handle the design element at no additional cost. Contact us today to get started on your conference badge printing!

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