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September 20, 2023

Tradeshow Tracking

ExpoMetrics: Command Central for Your Event
There are so many factors to keep track of during your event and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. ExpoMetrics event reporting dashboard is your command central for real-time event success. Easily track attendees, monitor sponsor and exhibitor experiences, and swiftly address any issues to ensure a smooth event.We call it command central for a reason!
Event Reporting

ExpoMetrics Contributes to the Success of Your Show

ExpoMetrics tradeshow tracking is essential for monitoring registration, sessions, and lead retrieval. ExpoMetrics can answer key questions:

Current attendance breakdown by registration type.

Speaker presence and arrival times.

Food and beverage preparation estimates.

Peak registration hours.

Number of badges already printed.

Current session attendance.

ExpoMetrics provides real time answers to these questions and many more that are crucial to the overall success of your event.
ExpoMetrics equips exhibitors and sponsorship sales teams with real-time and post-event lead monitoring tools.

How Can ExpoMetrics Help the Future of Your Show?

ExpoMetrics serves as a valuable resource for future event planning. It gathers data on various aspects of your event, from ordering the right badge stock to scheduling registration hours for the next year. It also offers insights into last year's event, including the most popular sessions, speakers, and topics. This information empowers you to schedule engaging sessions and prioritize attendee satisfaction. Moreover, ExpoMetrics equips exhibitors and sponsorship sales teams with real-time and post-event lead monitoring tools. Many of our clients choose to provide lead retrieval units/apps in every booth to ensure exhibitors access lead data and maximize their outcomes.

Benefits of Using Real-Time Data

Real-time access to session and lead data is a game-changer for most events. With the ability to monitor sessions as they unfold, you can promptly allocate staff to address overcrowded or underattended rooms and make real-time adjustments to food and beverage services. Empowering your exhibitors and sponsorship sales teams with real-time lead data not only fosters event growth but also ensures that your existing key sponsors remain satisfied and continue to invest in your event.

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ATS empowers you with real-time data to efficiently plan, budget, and execute your event. Discover how ExpoMetrics can benefit both show management and exhibitors. Contact us today to explore ExpoMetrics and our comprehensive range of Tradeshow services.

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