How to Get Attendees to Download Your App

March 13, 2020

How to Get Attendees to Download Your App

Are you struggling to get attendees to download your conference app? Here are some ways to explain to your attendee why they should download your app.

Just like programs, all information is already in the palm of your hand; cell phones. Everyone has a phone, and everyone keeps it on them at all times. If they do not have their phone, most likely, they brought their tablet or laptop. When you download the app, you can pull up all information quickly. In today’s tradeshow industry, it is essential to have a way to contact an individual for networking purposes.

  • Communication

    Apps have the availability to speak to one another with those who have downloaded the app. Most conferences today have a contact list for those attending should you need to reach them, and networking is one of the main reasons you are already attending the conference. Expand your network via the app.

  • Map

    Where’s the class you are searching for in this enormous convention center? Lost in this hotel space finding your next session? Event space can be confusing whether there are signs or not to direct you to your next destination. It’s important to know where your next session is by visiting the app that shows where and which floor your next class will be. Click here to learn more about our content management services.

  • Session Information

    Searching for that important class, but don’t recall the name? Conferences hold many classes in a day and may be overwhelming at times, but with a quick search in the app, you can find all session information in one place. Conference apps make it easily accessible to search by sorting out session speakers, session titles, or session times/dates. Some apps also allow the attendee to create your personal session agenda.

  • Help

    Not tech-savvy? Visit the app help desk or helpline! One of the most important things about having an app is having a help desk available to the attendee should you need guidance through the app. Most apps also have a helpline they can reach at any time.

  • Ad Space

    Sell ad space within the app! Put your business for everyone to see when they visit the app. Sponsorships are always great for apps, and it promotes your business.

  • Green

    Go green! It’s better to have an app than something that is physical and can lead to waste. Most conferences today overbuy programs and have to throw away leftover programs into the garbage. Go green and download the app!

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Having a great app that nobody downloads is a nightmare! If you have questions about encouraging attendees to download your app or any other aspect of a great show, contact us today to learn how American Tradeshow Services can help.

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