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How ATS RFID Solutions helped Becker’s Healthcare build a more comprehensive live event strategy.

“It was an investment in our event to make sure that we could continue to make it great”

The Client

Becker’s Healthcare is the go-to source for healthcare decision-makers and one of the fastest-growing media platforms in the industry. They strive to improve healthcare by equipping their audience with insights needed to make informed decisions. With that in mind, they strategically align editorial content and live events to meet their readers’ unique needs best.

Becker Healthcare hosts six national conferences a year with education at the forefront, ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 attendees. These events equip healthcare leaders with the information and forums they need to learn, exchange ideas, and further conversations about American healthcare’s most critical issues.

Katie works closely with Becker’s live events team as the Chief Operating Officer. They are consistently growing their events to ensure they’re an unmatched destination for healthcare executives.

The Challenge

“What we were really looking to do is better understand how our attendees interact with the content at our show.”

Before the transition to ATS RFID Solutions, Katie and her team were “old school head counting” to track attendance at their events. This effort was a manual one, where team members would count the people in the room at the beginning of each session. This left much to be desired as a more robust report of these sessions were needed.

  • There was a record of how many people attended the beginning of the session, but that’s where it ended. “There wasn’t a whole lot of accuracy around how long someone was in the room.” Headcounts were no longer an option.
  • Engagement is key. Do sessions lose attendance after 20 minutes? 50 minutes? When do people lose interest? Becker produces fast-paced events to sustain engagement, but before RFID, they could not verify that was the best practice for their events.
  • Becker’s ability to continually grow and produce engaging, relevant content for healthcare executives is a pillar of their company. “What sessions are interesting to them, how long did they attend them, are there correlations with certain types of content they go to?” Strategically adapting to their audience’s content preferences and consumption is a must.

RFID reporting provided the ability to bridge the gap. Becker’s transitioned to ATS RFID Solutions with the ability to accurately collect data that was useful in establishing best practices for future sessions, understand the engagement of their audience, and overall robust reporting available to forecast future events.

The Solution

ATS RFID Solutions

All the data that came out of it was the proof to the pudding.

Katie and her team were apprehensive before the transition. Past experiences with RFID companies left them hesitant to move forward. While her team isn’t super technical, after discussing expectations with ATS, they were pleasantly surprised and knew this could easily be implemented. “You guys made it easy for us to say okay we need drops here, and power here, and beyond that, you guys handled it, which was great.”

Once onsite, Katie and her team saw results immediately. They were able to see how many people signed in, attended sessions, and were able to identify if specific attendees were present in courses they registered to attend.

With ATS RFID Solutions, Becker’s has been able to build a more comprehensive live event strategy. “We can be more strategic, both onsite and with future planning.” The reports provide an in-depth look into session information that event managers otherwise would not and could not accurately collect. The data recorded influences decisions as minor as adding chairs to a room, or more significant ones like identifying popular session topics that their attendees enjoy and building upon those tracks. “It’s helped us inform our strategy to have a lot stronger insight on what we should do in the future as well as the next day at the event”

The Result

“When we’re making the attendee happy they come back”

Since implementing ATS RFID Solutions, Katie and her team have gained insights into their audience, learned how stakeholders connect with their brand and how attendees interact and consume content at their live events. They’ve been able to take this information and use it to influence future events and other areas of their business. Becker’s now utilizes ATS RFID Solutions, Onsite Registration, and Lead Retrieval at their live events to increase the overall experience. “Registration is night and day a better experience for attendees; lead retrieval is a night and day better experience for our clients, and RFID is an improved experience for both of those constituents at the show.”

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