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Converting a manual session tracking nightmare into a streamlined, real-time data driven system.

Meetings on Pointe is a meetings & event services company that serves several different organizations. They opened in 1996, with HR Houston being their first and largest client.

Jennifer Lane is the Vice President at Meetings on Pointe and oversees all operations. Jennifer’s role with HR Houston is the Associate Director, specifically focusing on Annual Conference & volunteer engagement and many other responsibilities in the organization.

What Jennifer loves most about her job is the people that she works with and working with their members. In addition to putting together valuable experiences for them, they are continually trying to find ways to provide them with opportunities, whether it’s professional or personal growth.

The Problem

Capturing session attendance, then providing certificates of attendance, was cumbersome & time-consuming.

Before ATS, HR Houston used various vendors for badging, lead retrieval, session tracking & certificates. The process of capturing session attendance, then providing certificates of attendance, was cumbersome & time-consuming. Also, Jennifer & the HR Houston team had virtually no real-time or post-event reporting capability.  

The process to capture attendance was to manually enter them into a database, merge the data into certificates, then physically mail them to each attendee. Jennifer & HR Houston need a seamless, efficient way to track session attendance, distribute certificates, all the while monitoring this data with robust real-time & post-event reporting.

The Solution

ATS Live Session Tracking

After researching several options to lessen the session tracking & certificate distribution burden on Jennifer and the HR Houston team, Jennifer chose ATS. Between conversations with the ATS Sales team & planning phase with the ATS Project management team, Jennifer had the utmost confidence that her event was in good hands. Jennifer had no issue convincing her team that they had made the right decision!

Immediate results were experienced as soon as ATS arrived at the first event: 

  • ATS onsite team managed session tracking, which allowed the HR Houston team to focus their attention on other event-related items.
  • Real-time session tracking data & reports were immediately available. 
  • Certificates could be instantly accessible via the ATS Online Session Certificate Program

We went from a two-week turnaround to attendees being able to scan into a session and access their certificates in real time for recertification.

The Result

Providing a valuable event experience and content that is second to none..

The addition of ATS session tracking amongst the other services ATS provides onsite has allowed Jennifer & the team to focus their attention on delivering their attendees a valuable event experience and content that is second to none in the HR event space.

  • Since day one, Jennifer has been a fan of ATS. Every interaction with the ATS team has been professional while always feeling personal. The onsite team ATS sends onsite year after year is knowledgeable, friendly, quick to respond, and an extension of the HR Houston team! 

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