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How ATS helped Ann Hopkins and the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA) team eliminate pre-printing for good with our customized on-demand printing experience – ATSReg.

The Client

The Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA), whose hallmark is educational leaders learning with and from each other, has served Texas PK-8 school leaders since 1917. Member-owned and member-governed, TEPSA has more than 5,900 members who direct 3 million PK-8 school children.

The Annual TEPSA Summer Conference brings more than 2,000 Texas PK-8 school leaders together to explore current topics and resources in education and grow their professional network.

Ann’s involvement with the summer conference ensures onsite registration is a welcoming and seamless experience for attendees.

The Challenge

For the 23 years Ann has been involved with TEPSA, their conference registration process had not changed. Ann and her team printed the badges on blank 3×4 badges, tore them out by hand, and alphabetized them in card boxes. Finding name badges, stuffing them in badge holders, and handing them to registrants created lines at onsite registration.

Ann knew that it was time to make a change and began to reach out to other associations to see how they handled their conference registration. “We needed to streamline the process and find a way to save staff time and resources while also making the process easier for attendees.”

Several of Ann’s industry counterparts suggested ATS for onsite services, and after consulting with her team, TEPSA decided to make the switch to ATS Onsite Registration.

“The glowing recommendations I received from other associations was all I had to go on. They assured me that I wouldn’t be disappointed.”

The Solution

Customized On-Demand Printing Experience – ATSReg.

Once switching to ATS Onsite Registration, Ann and her team saw results immediately. “As we began planning with ATS, we realized this new process was going to be great for attendees and staff!”

The ATS sales team created a cost-efficient solution that addressed the needs of the Summer Conference:

  • Customized Tickets per Individual Registrant
  • Different Badge Layouts for Attendees and Exhibitors
  • Line Control by utilizing FastTrack

From there, the ATS team of project managers and programmers drafted and executed a custom-built registration software based on the unique requirements provided by the TEPSA team.

Based on the data provided from TEPSA, ATS created customized tickets to remind attendees which session(s) they registered to attend and meals they were to receive.

To visually differentiate attendees from exhibitors, ATS created different badge layouts for each group. When an attendee badge printed, the design slightly differed from exhibitors – no brain power or manual manipulation needed.

Best of all, attendees quickly moved through the check-in line with the ATS FastTrack option. Before the event, ATS sends out an email to all confirmed registrants. The email includes a QR code that the registrant can scan from their phone at the registration counter scanners, and their badge will print automatically. No sifting thru boxes and boxes of pre-printed badges; it’s all done on demand.

Conference attendees were impressed with the new and improved look of the badges, as well as with the ease of registering. Additions and corrections to badges were made quickly. The ability to track how many people were in attendance at any given time was very helpful, too.

The Result

Since adopting ATSReg, Ann and her team have eliminated preprinting for their Summer Conference. A process that used to take days/weeks is now efficiently managed with ATS Onsite Registration. A bonus is the reporting that comes along with using this system! Ann is now looking to implement additional ATS services at her events as she continues to streamline a process that makes her event and life less stressful.

“Accurate, hassle-free and cost-effective! ATS surpassed our expectations.”

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