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How the American Land Title Association (ALTA) used ATS Print on Demand to provide a sleek and seamless check-in process for all parties involved.

“It made registration a cleaner experience for everyone.” 

The Client

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) is the national trade association for the title insurance and settlement industry. Its members are title and settlement services professionals who are involved in the closing process of real estate transactions and verify that the title of a residential or commercial property is legitimately given to the buyer. Other members include underwriters, attorneys and associate members.

The ALTA ONE conference is the largest gathering of the title insurance industry in the country. It brings together thought leaders, decision makers, influencers and innovators who have the potential to shape where the industry is going. “This is where they come together to be a part of something larger than their own company and ultimately drive the future of the title insurance industry,” said Lauren Dollerschell, ALTA’s Director of Meetings. “I oversee all aspects of the program, including room setup, food and beverage and hotel and vendor negotiations as well as help the Education, Sponsorship and Exhibit departments with their portions of the program to get it up and running.”

The Challenge

Before using ATS Print on Demand, ALTA did all printing in-house. Lauren and her staff would spend hours at a time over a span of weeks pre-printing and stuffing badges. “I would come in over the weekend to print ALTA ONE badges.” Lauren and her team would put in hours of manual work pre-printing and alphabetizing badges, only for the struggle to continue onsite.

The badges were not current once the meetings actually began. “There were always people who registered after the fact, or those who wanted to edit their names or update the company they were with.” In addition to all the hours they were putting in pre-show, the ALTA team would spend an unnecessary amount of time and energy making edits and reprints onsite. “It became way too stressful to reprint those badges onsite than need be.”

Sorting through and handing out badges was a timely and sometimes clumsy process. Lauren and the association place high value in making their attendee’s experience seamless and the best it can be, especially the check-in experience. ALTA wanted its attendees’ first encounter with the event to be a great one. “It would be a bad impression on our members and those attending if the check-in experience was not under control,” Lauren said.

Despite all the trouble Lauren and her staff went through prepping for and executing the check-in processes, a better overall attendee experience was the initiative that ultimately drove the decision to switch to Print on Demand.

The Solution

Attendee Facing, Customized Print on Demand Program- ATSReg with Surface Pro check-in 

“It gave the attendees more control when they came to check in to the meeting.” 

Once the decision to start printing on demand was made, Lauren and her staff saw and felt its effects immediately. “Onsite, the change was instant.” The attendee-facing setup allowed registrants to check themselves in to the meeting and make edits to their information if needed. Another bonus was the registration reports noted all edits made by attendees, thus allowing ALTA to make the appropriate changes in their own database. With attendees checking themselves in, ALTA staff was free to dedicate their time to other important tasks.

All of the reporting and features that came with ATSReg gave Lauren and her associates more insight into and control of the check-in process. From referencing who and how many attendees checked in, to no-shows and reprints, all the reporting gave ALTA ease of access to information they hadn’t had access to before switching to Print on Demand. A pop-up message would prompt any onsite registrants who were not in the system to visit a team member for assistance, allowing ALTA to address any possible issues that may have taken place on their or the attendee’s end during the registration process.

Attendees and association members all love the Print on Demand experience. “It worked beautifully,” Lauren said. “I still get compliments from attendees on what an easy process it is.”

Having a sleeker, more tech-forward check-in process reflects well on the association.

The Result

By choosing to implement ATSReg, Lauren and her team completely revamped their attendees’ meeting check-in experience as well as eliminated their own pre-show badge prep. No more having to pre-print or stuff badges into badge holders with the ATS Print on Demand and Vinyl badge stock options. No more outdated processes that left staff tired and scrambling. In keeping their attendees’ positive experience as the highest priority, ALTA decided on a new, attractive and leading edge check-in program that reflects the very leaders, innovators, influencers and forward-thinking decision makers who attend these meetings. “It was great, and it was smooth. It would be odd to go back!”

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