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How ATS helped the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) transition from the laboring task of pre-printing badges to on demand badge printing at their events.

The Client

The Association of Government Accountants (AGA) is a member organization for government financial management professionals. Their members lead and encourage change that benefits government financial management and all citizens.

National Leadership Training (NLT) is an essential event for developing and training government financial professionals to excel as leaders in today’s competitive market.

Jerome Bruce has been the Director of Meetings and Expositions for AGA for almost ten years now.

Kia Lor is the Senior Manager at AGA that deals with all meetings and programs for the company. Together, Jerome and Kia help plan all of AGA’s events and stay actively involved in the association by trying to provide an experience for not AGA staff and the devoted members of the association to enjoy.

The Challenge

AGA has worked closely with ATS for many years with ATS providing lead & session tracking services. Many conversations were had between AGA & ATS to convert AGA’s laboring in-office task of pre-printing badges for their larger events throughout the years. After a string of bad luck where several events had non-functioning QR codes, Jerome and Kia decided it was time to make a change. Managing the task of pre-printing event badges with in-office technology not designed for bulk badge printing had finally taken its toll. Jerome and Kia were ready for a change. “The printer ink smudges on some of the badge barcode, which causes the scanners not to scan properly. We tried several printers in our office, and the results had been inconsistent, so it was hard to pinpoint the real issue. Our meetings and IT team, along with the American Tradeshow services team, were working together to get it fixed but with no success.”

The Solution

ATS worked closely with AGA to meet the specific needs that their events required for badging. These requirements included tickets, custom codes, layouts, and programming. As is with most event badging requirements, these were unique needs, but by employing ATS proprietary software, ATSReg, and some pre-event planning, their first event using print on demand badging was a huge success! AGA now has the confidence that they can replicate this success at other critical events with the help of the ATS team!

The Result

“This system is AMAZING! You guys were right – it’ll be hard for us to go back to pre-printing name badges again….!”

As a result of switching to ATS print on demand badging, AGA got to experience first-hand the system’s speed and had 0% QR code failure rate. This was monumental as in the past, printing with in-office printers always posed a challenge as it pertains to the QR code quality. AGA attendees also appreciated the upgrade in technology, many mentioning their badge pick up experience being the best yet! Lastly, AGA received real-time & post-event print-on-demand metrics for the first time via the ATS ExpoMetrics reporting system. “ExpoMetrics is a great tool for us to view the metrics of our meeting and sessions. We use these metrics to improve our future event offerings and services.” Implementing print on demand has meant streamlining years of manual badge printing and production into one efficient, effective, and reliable process for AGA.

Attendees praised the new technology and the efficiency of checking in to receive materials for the training.

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