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Executing a successful onsite registration experience for the world’s largest neuro-oncology conference.

The world’s largest neuro-oncology conference, the SNO annual meeting, transitioned from manually formatting preprinted badges to our customized onsite registration experience – ATSReg.

The Client

The Society for Neuro-Oncology is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to promoting advances in neuro-oncology through research and education. In its twenty-fourth year, the Society continues to grow and mature as the premier North American organization for clinicians, basic scientists, nurses, and other health care professionals whose focus is central nervous system tumors in children and adults.

The SNO annual meeting is the world’s largest neuro-oncology conference, attracting over 2600 researchers and clinician-scientists from more than 40 countries. Spanning all neuro-oncology disciplines, professions, and interests, SNO’s annual meeting is the premier forum for sharing knowledge and gaining insights on the future of neuro-oncology research and treatment.

ATS worked with Linda Greer, the manager of Member and Program Services, at SNO to execute a successful registration experience.

The Challenge

For 23 years, Linda and her team manually formatted and printed badges, event tickets, etc. for all attendees and shipped them to each conference venue. As their meeting has grown to over 2500 attendees, this was no longer a practical option.

SNO had utilized ATS’s Lead Retrieval services before adopting Onsite Registration. Linda knew that it was time to change, and ATS had a service that fit their meeting’s needs.

The Solution

Customized Onsite Registration Experience – ATSReg

Linda had some initial reservations on how the registration input from their internal website would transfer to the ATS software and enable printing in real-time. Our ATSReg system integrates via an API, which creates a bridge between SNO’s online registration platform and our onsite badge-printing program. With the proper API credentials, ATS connects to SNO’s online platform and pulls real-time data to print a badge.

The ATS sales team created a cost-efficient solution that addressed the needs of their annual meeting:

  • Integration with their online registration platform
  • Ability to reprint and make updates to badges
  • Custom tickets per registrant

From there, the ATS team of project managers and programmers drafted and executed a custom-built registration software based on the unique requirements provided by Linda and her team. ATS also customized the SNO badges that had tear-off meal and gala tickets.

Because of the API integration, badges could be printed or reprinted on demand. “Retrieving the record for an individual attendee was nearly instantaneous.”

Attendees were able to quickly move through the check-in line with the ATS FastTrack option. Before the event, ATS sends out an email to all confirmed registrants. The email includes a QR code that the registrant can scan from their phone at the registration counter scanners, and their badge will print automatically. No sifting thru boxes and boxes of pre-printed badges. It’s all done onsite and on-demand.

“There were two ATS staff members in the registration area at all times – they went above and beyond and helped answer attendee questions, even for things that were not their direct responsibility.”

Since adopting Onsite Registration, Linda and her team have eliminated preprinting for their annual meeting. A process that used to be a manual, time consuming project is now efficiently managed with the ATSReg system.

The Result

Since adopting Onsite Registration, Linda and her team have eliminated preprinting for their annual meeting. A process that used to be a manual, time-consuming project is now efficiently managed with the ATSReg system.


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