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The Turbomachinery Laboratory, a center of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) and a member of the Texas A&M University System, makes a vital impact on turbomachinery and related industries through three pathways:  research, education and workforce development.

The Turbomachinery Laboratory’s flagship event, Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia (TPS) is an event that has 4500 attending annually with 360 exhibiting companies.

Martha Barton & Stephanie Hidalgo’s main focus is exhibitor services, creating floor plan, selling booth space, exhibitor communication/registration & contract negotiations.

The Challenge

Find a booth sales system that could provide speed & efficiency all while not losing their white glove approach.

TPS had a unique need in that they are part of the Texas A&M University System.  The University has regulations that do not allow them to collect & house certain information.

TPS needed the ability to quickly approve booth purchases.  TPS has international companies purchasing booth space around the world working in different time zones which made for a cumbersome process of applying & getting approved.  TPS needed a seamless and efficient system to manage this process.

TPS needed a system that was integrated with their registration system, user friendly and that had robust reporting.

What’s more, Martha & Stephanie work in a fast paced, hospitality centric environment where they know the companies they work with have a choice as to whether to spend their marketing dollars with TPS or other events.  The need to find a system that can provide speed & efficiency all while not losing their white glove approach was paramount.

The Solution

ATS Online Exhibit Booth Sales System & Service

Martha continued working with their outdated, inefficient exhibit booth sales system before mentioning to their ATS contacts the pain of which they were looking for relief.  Martha was comfortable mentioning this pain as they had a great relationship with their ATS contacts having worked with them for many years on other aspects of their event.

ATS team of project managers & programmers quickly drafted and executed a custom-built online exhibit booth sales system based on the unique requirements provided to them by the TPS team.

ATS fully integrated the Online Exhibit Booth sales system with the already in place online registration software as well as the custom merchant accounts provided by the Texas A&M University.

Best of all the custom system ATS provides only the info needed, nothing else, provides a user-friendly client facing interface and allows Martha to easily monitor activity with the robust built in reporting component.

The system is easy for our exhibiting companies to use and is visible in real-time so anyone can see the booths available without having to contact us.

The Result

A process that used to take days/weeks on the phone is now managed in hours with the ATS system.

Selling exhibit booth space is only a part of Martha & Stephanie’s rolls at TPS.  Providing TPS exhibiting companies access to easily purchase booth space has allowed Martha, Stephanie & team to focus on other tasks and to not have to stress about this important component of their event.

Since adopting ATS exhibit booth sales system TPS has decreased the amount of time spent on this part of their event exponentially.  A process that used to take days/weeks on the phone is now managed in hours with the ATS system.

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