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How ATS helped USA CBD Expo transition to ATS Online Registration and Print on Demand for all of their events.

The Client

Facilitating several shows during the course of a year, all over the United States, USA CBD Expo is the largest CBD/Hemp event in the nation.

Nicole is the Marketing Director for USA CBD Expo and has a hand in facilitating everything that happens on the show floor and at registration.

The Challenge

After their event came to a close, USA CBD Expo decided to do a thorough reconciliation to determine how they could improve for their future shows. The most significant pain point was the ticketing system, it would accept the same email for multiple tickets, and the check-in process was disastrous and ultimately inefficient. It created lines as long as 1.5 hours.

“We knew we needed to find a solution, and fast, as our next show was only months away.”

The Solution

ATS Online Registration service and Print on Demand are the solutions that USA CBD Expo and the ATS team came up with to ease their previous pain points.

“After researching what other events were using we found ATS and a few other competing companies. After our first call with Leslie and Carley, we knew we would be using them due to their proprietary system and customer service. They got us set up in no time and we were live to start selling tickets quite quickly.”

From the time of set up to the actual event their team was always ready to make tweaks for us or answer any question we had. This was a great change instead of waiting 20 minutes for a customer service rep from our other provider.

The Result

By making the switch to ATS Online Registration and Print on Demand, USA CBD Expo could drastically improve their line times by well over an hour. Their attendees and vendors that attended the last show noticed the changes and were appreciative that they had taken the time to work with ATS and invest in a new system. By using ATS’s services, USA CBD Expo was able to put on a successful event that started with a flawless beginning at registration.

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