Room Capacities and Contact Tracing

August 27, 2020

Managing room capacities and contact tracing – Is this our new norm?

Our industry is facing challenges unforeseen in recent history. Event managers will be tasked with adapting their events to stay within the state, local, and venue guidelines. New protocols will have to be put into place to ensure attendees, sponsors, and staff feel safe participating in your in-person event. In many cases, event managers will be overseeing a simultaneous hybrid/virtual component, all while balancing the normal workload that goes with their event.

At ATS, we have a passion for helping our partners with registration, badge production, and attendance tracking. As soon as we saw events unfolding in March, our team began meeting to see what we can do to help once in-person events starting happening again. With relative ease, we could modify all of our services to adapt to the new challenges event managers are facing, including contactless badge production, lead retrieval, and attendance tracking.

One particular service ATS has provided for 15+ years that we see being of particular assistance is our passive long-range RFID tracking systems.

How can RFID passive tracking help my event? Let’s take a look!

room capacities, contact tracing
  • Real-time room capacities

    As more in-person events happen in the coming months, one of the many constant challenges will be managing room capacities. In addition to the existing reporting, ATS provides when using our passive RFID tracking ATS now has a custom component that allows event managers to monitor room capacities then decide in real-time. We can also provide a custom branded display of individual room capacities on monitors stationed outside of each session room, general session, or exhibit hall that allows room monitors and attendees to view real-time, accurate numbers of people in each area at any point in time.

  • Contact tracing

    Suppose show management needed a record of where an attendee was during an event and/or who this particular attendee came in contact with throughout a particular event. In that case, ATS can provide a custom report that will provide this info. If show management wants to alert other attendees who were in contact with an attendee who post-event alerted them that they have fallen ill, this will be easily accomplished using ATS contact tracking reports.

  • Reduce lines

    Tracking attendees into session rooms, general sessions, exhibit halls using traditional barcode/QR code scanning is effective but can become cumbersome especially when dwell times are important. ATS RFID tracking is a means to discretely track attendee movement without having attendees present their badge or barcode to be scanned. Our RFID tracking systems also take into consideration social distancing requirements providing a less intrusive approach. Attendees can freely move throughout your event space, keep socially distanced from other attendees, show management, etc. all while being tracked by our branded RFID portals. No contact with room monitor or exhibit hall security necessary.

room capacities, contact tracing

How accurate is ATS RFID tracking services?

ATS will ask that you provide a pdf layout of the event space with all session rooms, general sessions, exhibit hall, meal areas, etc. that need to be tracked. The ATS team of engineers who designed our RFID systems will comb through your event space and provide a recommendation based on the info you provide about your event and the layout of the space. ATS prides itself on the interactive partnership between our clients, sales team, project management team & RFID engineering teams to provide a robust RFID portal placement plan to ensure accurate reports.

How cumbersome is RFID badge printing and will our attendee data be safe?

ATS owns RFID encoding Zebra and Color Laser printers that print badges and encode the pre-embedded RFID tag simultaneously, which means no additional steps for registration staff or the attendee. Click print, badge prints within seconds, and attendee walks away with their badge, including a discrete RFID tag. No personal information is recorded in our RFID tags. The ATS print on demand badging system assigns a unique ID number to each attendee. This ID number is what ATS embeds in the RFID tag, and that is what our portals & proximity readers read as attendees walkthrough or near our units. Our real-time reporting systems then convert this unique ID number into an actual attendee on the reporting dashboard.

How much does this cost?

ATS owns all of its hardware, software, and always sends in house trained technicians to be flexible with pricing a packaging. Also, ATS RFID portals and proximity readers can be custom branded with sponsor logos, colors, etc. allowing additional revenue to help offset costs and, in many cases providing a revenue generator.

room capacities, contact tracing

Let ATS arm you with clear, accurate data to help manage your next event!

Contact our sales team today and promote your event as one that is taking every step possible to create a safe environment for all in attendance!

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