Attendance Tracking

Real-Time, Hassle-Free, and Cost-Effective Attendance Tracking

Whether you have 100 or 50,000 attendees, American Tradeshow Services offers a variety of accurate, real-time, hassle-free, and cost-effective systems to track attendance in and out of continuing education classes, general sessions, the exhibit hall, or even an after-hours party.  In the past, trade show effectiveness was a guessing game. Today, American Tradeshow Services' attendance tracking technology can help show managers determine in real-time whether their event was correctly targeted through monitoring room capacities, attendee profiles, and attendee dwell times.

attendance tracking

Why Attendance Tracking is Critical

Accurately measuring and reporting an event's traffic is essential to exhibitors, sponsors, and show management. Why?

An accurate traffic count can be the difference when your target audience decides whether to attend or sponsor your event or another. To attract and retain sponsors and vendors, you'll need the right technology to capture the most accurate traffic counts.

  • Continuing education credits

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Evaluating attendee demographics

  • Measuring the impact of marketing campaigns

  • Room capacities and general knowledge

Sophisticated Tracking Solutions for your Event

ATS provides attendance tracking by way of all major technologies employed in the events space. Those include QR Barcode for data collection or access control through handheld and self-scan systems and RFID passive tracking. ATS will work with you to determine which of these technologies is the best fit for your event.

Because of our long-lasting partnerships with many corporations and associations, ATS can continuously re-invest in our technology & reporting tools. ATS owns 2,000+ state of the art enterprise-level handheld scanners, and we are now on our 4th generation RFID tracking technology. ATS in-house team of programmers and developers work tirelessly to create the most intuitive software for event managers to manage and track attendee movement, room capacities, and distribute certificates of attendance efficiently through our ExpoMetrics dashboard.

Event technology needs are ever-evolving. In turn, so are available event technology solutions. ATS prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of technology and the ability to guide our partners and clients into the technology that best fits their event needs.

The Analytics

Data gathering includes session IDs, session types, credit values, attendee information, dates and times, session names, locations, capacity, and access control. RFID tracking can be customized by the client, while standard reporting includes information like session count by attendee type and gender, top 10 sessions, and total time in a session.

All of ATS' robust attendance tracking is date and time-stamped, and it all happens instantaneously. You will be able to see when and what session registrants have attended during the show.

This data is useful in selling future events to sponsors since it offers more targeted specifics on who attended a sponsored event. Managers can track session popularity to determine if they should be held again at future shows, and speakers can see who attended their sessions. Exhibitors can also track attendance in reserved meeting rooms or at after-hours parties. Our online certificate website allows attendees to view credits earned and print out a custom-designed certificate for display.

Let’s Start Tracking

If you need accurate, affordable tracking solutions with robust real-time reporting, American Tradeshow Services can provide a solution that best fits your event needs.

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We went from a two-week turnaround to attendees being able to scan into a session and access their certificates in real time for recertification.

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