Exhibit Booth Sales & Management

Exhibit Booth Sales & Management

Developing a full inventory of exhibitors who can meet attendee needs starts with American Tradeshow Service’s exhibit booth sales and management services. By providing an online digital booth sales platform, we make it easy for both show management and your exhibitors to have a pleasant experience from the start. We can help you gather exhibitor applications and payments for booth space and manage your exhibitor registrations to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Exhibit Booth Sales & Management

Selling Booth Space – A New Way of Doing Things

Selling booth space used to mean paper plans and contracts, but with our online digital booth sales platform, everything is done electronically. No more keeping track of physical paperwork! Our platform gives clients a live booth selection map, exclusive registration options, and a wide variety of other features such as company logos, links to social media, and exhibitor packages. Exhibitors can upload a company profile, view the floor plan to see booth sizes, booth locations, and see where their competing exhibitors have purchased their booth.

Beyond the Booth

After an exhibitor purchases a booth, they have the option to fill in their exhibitor profile. These profiles show up on an interactive public map, where attendees can find booth locations, company descriptions, logos, website details, contact information, and even video.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Marketing opportunities, such as WIFi or lanyard sponsorships, can be purchased as part of the check-out process on ATS’ online digital booth sales platform. Sponsorships can be limited and at different rates. We can also display sponsor logos along the top or bottom of the page, and the logos can be linked to sponsor websites.

Real-Time Results

Why wait? With ATS, clients have real-time reporting and administrative access to process payments, send invoices or receipts, resend confirmation emails, update records, and even pull sales reports.

Take Booth Sales to the Next Level

Are you looking to streamline your exhibit booth sales process with a cost-effective solution? ATS provides an exhibit booth sales service that will help you maximize your time and event revenue. Contact us today to discuss exhibit booth sales and management.

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The system is easy for our exhibiting companies to use and is visible in real-time so anyone can see the booths available without having to contact us.

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