Onsite Registration

Because Every Show is Different

American Tradeshow Services has years of experience providing software, hardware, and technical support for registrations at conferences, conventions, events, exhibitions, seminars, and trade shows. Every show is different, so the on-site registration process must be flexible and adapt to each show’s unique concept.

Our Promise To You

Our project management team works collaboratively with show management to create a custom registration experience by combining technology with exceptional customer service from inception to implementation. From badge design and technology to set up and print on demand, they work to have your registration vision come to life.

  • Pre-show badge design

    Our team will assist yours in creating and developing a badge unique to your event. Paper, vinyl, large format plastic card, full color, regardless of your needs, our team works hand in hand with show management to bring your one of a kind badges to life.

  • Easy-to-use Customized Registration Software

    Need a reminder to collect payment from someone with a balance due, distribute specific ribbons or lanyards, or print drink or event tickets? No problem! Our ATSReg system is entirely customizable to your event data and generates on-screen pop-ups to remind the registration staff of the little things that make a big difference.

  • Technology Synched with your Event Badge

    ATS employs an encrypted QR code that prints onto the badge in real-time for attendance tracking, access control, and lead retrieval needs. If next level passive tracking is needed, ATS can provide radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking.

  • On-Site & On-Demand FastTrack™ Badge Printing

    With ATS’ real-time badge production platform, your attendees’ credentials print at lightning speed. Before the event, all confirmed registrants receive an email that includes a QR code. Once onsite, the registrants scan the QR code from the email or a mobile device at the registration-counter scanners, and their badge automatically prints. Attendees can also search by their last name or company to print their badge.

  • Live Reporting Dashboard

    Our ExpoMetrics dashboard houses event data in a user-friendly, online portal that is accessible any time, any place, from both mobile and stationary devices. Once logged in to the event’s portal, downloadable check-in, badge production, attendance tracking, and lead retrieval reports are available. Click here for more info on ExpoMetrics.

  • On-Site Logistics & Customer Service

    ATS strives to provide exceptional customer service that extends through all phases of your event. Our onsite technicians are cross-trained and are a true extension of your team. Once onsite, they will train the team on the user-friendly software and work collaboratively with them throughout the event. They handle everything from shipping, equipment set up, training, temp staff management, troubleshooting, and more!

  • Our Software works with or without internet

    Live events have many variables and we understand the importance of backup plans. Our ATSReg software is equipped with a built-in Plan B: If the internet goes down, ATSReg still prints badges, allowing attendees to access the show floor and sessions without issue. Backup databases and reports are stored locally in our system as we prep.are for the unexpected

Let’s Start Registering!

If you want a simple way to print badges, then the versatility of our on-site registration is right for you and your event! Gone are the days of pre-printing badges, stuffing packets, and losing valuable face time with partners and attendees. If you're interested in bringing your event to the next level, contact American Tradeshow Services today!

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There were two ATS staff members in the registration area at all times – they went above and beyond and helped answer attendee questions, even for things that were not their direct responsibility.

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