RFID Attendance Tracking

RFID Attendance Tracking Services

Backed with more than a decade and a half of RFID development and engineering, the ATS Long Range RFID attendance tracking system delivers accurate real-time attendance data. Coupled with our proprietary ExpoMetrics real-time reporting tool, we can provide show management with endless reporting capabilities. Your attendees do not have to wait in lines to get scanned in or out of an event! Monitoring the traffic flow passively without altering the attendee’s pattern of movement is the goal of RFID.

How Does RFID Attendance Tracking work?

RFID readers automatically identify and track tags attached to objects – or in your case, event badges. These affordable tags, used in conjunction with ATS ExpoPro LRPs (or long-range portal), allow show managers to monitor attendee movement into and around your exhibit floor, or into and out of conference sessions. An RFID tag is a paper-thin device embedded or adhered to a badge that transmits the attendee’s data profile back to the reader. This information then provides valuable reports of attendee movement with 99% accuracy.

Our RFID Services

American Tradeshow Services RFID attendance tracking technology easily integrates with badges produced from a standard laser printer or our ATS owned high-speed printers.

  • Custom RFID tagged badge stock options

  • Passive no-contact tracking

  • No scanning staff needed

  • Wifi-enabled portals

  • Auto-generated attendance and summary reports

  • Sponsorship opportunities

  • 99% accuracy

Let’s Start Tracking

Want to receive valuable metrics from sessions or details about general movement throughout your event? ATS provides accurate RFID attendance tracking for trade shows of all sizes, and our contactless or passive RFID technology will add speed, accuracy, efficiency, and security.

Contact ATS today to find out how to reach that goal without having to break the bank.

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