Exhibitor Sales

The Exhibitor Sales Team at ATS supports the needs of each exhibitor with regard to lead retrieval in the form of devices and applications which allow you to point and scan each guests badge and to fine tune each lead with our “Custom Qualifiers." We guide our customers to the best solution for their needs as well as provide top notch technical support.

Amanda Tresch

Director of Exhibitor Sales                    985.243.0056

Amanda Tresch is our Director of Exhibitor Sales. She has never met a stranger and loves interacting with our exhibitors, and is driven by sales, leadership, and client relations.
  • Favorite travel spot?

    The Beach! I am particularly a Destin Snob!

  • People would be surprised if they knew:

    I have been skydiving! A few times actually!

Denise Mitchell

Senior Exhibitor Sales Representative 985.326.1772

Lifelong resident of Louisiana. Born and raised in New Orleans. Working for ATS since 2014.
  • What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

    Surviving breast cancer at the age of 35

  • Dream vacation?

    On a beautiful island with white sand surrounded by beautiful crystal clear blue water. Bora Bora

sam schulz

Exhibitor Sales Representative

With a dynamic blend of professional expertise and unique personal passions, Sam brings a wealth of experience to the role of Exhibitor Sales Representative. With a background spanning 9 years in the restaurant industry and 2 years in consumer sales, Sam is skilled at building connections and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Beyond the office, Sam's energy extends to the skate park and the DJ booth, reflecting a vibrant personality that thrives on creativity and movement. Notably, Sam's dedication extends to his digital pursuits, with over 3,000 logged hours on his Oldschool RuneScape account.

  • If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

    I’d like to learn to weave the threads of joy and sorrow into a tapestry of resilient understanding, celebrating the transience of our existence; or how to snowboard!

  • What’s your favorite quote?

    Where's the beach!? - Snooki


Exhibitor Sales Representative

Zach is a Louisiana native who was born and raised here in Mandeville. Combining his interpersonal skills and genuine enthusiasm has driven him to gain meaningful connections with clients. His eagerness to explore and travel makes him a great fit here at ATS.  Outside of work, Zach enjoys spending his time with his friends and family, being out in the sun, or getting out on the water for any reason.

  • If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

    Learn a new language.

  • What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?

    Playing basketball

Ashley Mentel

Exhibitor Sales Representative

Born and raised in Louisiana, I pursued my passion for languages and cultures by earning two degrees from Southeastern University—one in World Languages and Cultures with a focus on Spanish, and another in TESOL with a minor in psychology. My thirst for knowledge and cultural immersion led me to study abroad at the prestigious University of Salamanca in Spain. Additionally, I conducted a transformative month-long auto-ethnographic research journey in El Salvador, further deepening my appreciation for my Salvadoran heritage. Drawing from my experiences, I ventured into the world of education, working as an ESL instructor abroad, proudly operating my business, La Tribu 985, which specializes in English/Spanish translation and ESL programs. Our dedication to promoting linguistic and cultural unity on the Northshore was recognized when La Tribu 985 was featured in the esteemed "Sophisticated Women of the Northshore's" magazine. As a Salvadoran-American, I consider it an honor to empower individuals, integrating them as valuable members of our society. Beyond my work, I am an avid traveler, hiker, and enthusiast of indigenous cultures. Embracing my love for food and culinary adventures, I thoroughly enjoy cooking and exploring the diverse culinary landscape.
  • Random facts about me

    I've hiked a volcano.Huge history nerd about the indigenous groups like the mayans, Aztecs, nahuat pipil. I love trying exotic fruits- you'd be surprised how much money I spend at the latino store on fruits lol.

  • Top 3 life highlights

    Living/ working in el Salvador by myself. Studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain. Conducting an autoethnographic research about the lineage of my ancestors, the nahuat pipil indigenous group.

Exhibitor Sales