Tradeshow Services Case Studies


American Tradeshow Services (ATS) understands that seamless integration of event technology is crucial for creating successful tradeshows. Their case studies showcase how their services, such as online registration, premium badge solutions, badge printing integration, tradeshow apps, lead retrieval, onsite registration, exhibit booth sales & management, and attendance tracking, have helped clients achieve this goal.

For example, one case study details how ATS helped a client increase online registration by 30% by implementing a user-friendly online registration platform. The platform integrated seamlessly with the client's existing CRM system, allowing for easy data transfer and streamlined lead management.

Another case study highlights how ATS helped a client reduce wait times at onsite registration by 20% by using kiosks and mobile devices. This integration saved attendees time and improved the overall event experience.

These are just two examples of how ATS's services have helped clients seamlessly integrate event technology and create successful tradeshows. By working with ATS, you can be sure that your event technology will be implemented smoothly and effectively, resulting in a positive experience for everyone involved.

Tradeshow Services Case Studies