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How Bobby Bergeron and Justin Graff with Tradeshow Logic used ATS to assist with a real-time reporting dashboard and the flexibility of data collection.

“Your service, the quality of your people, the attention that you give a customer, we believe is very valuable and that’s why we continue to recommend you (ATS).”

The Client

Tradeshow Logic is a full-service show management company with 20-years of experience and understanding of every aspect of the events industry. They focus on driving strategic change that amplifies the value of events for both attendees and exhibitors. Their ability to organize and execute an event from start to finish is unmatched. They work with the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) to help put forth the Metal Engineering Expo (MEE), which serves as the forefront for educating and supporting North America’s precision spring manufacturers.

Bobby Bergeron is the vice president of strategic account management for Tradeshow Logic and oversees the operations team for all of their accounts. For SMI, they act as the meeting team and manage all of their services for the Expo.

Justin Graff is the Tradeshow Logic account manager. He oversees the tradeshows’ meeting management side and deals with all aspects, from hotel management to special events onsite. For SMI, registration is a vital part of Justin’s role, and he works hard to keep that process as smooth as possible.

The Challenge

“Everyone has their own nuances and if you’re not paying attention to those…there’s going to be challenges.”

Before using ATS, Tradeshow Logic noticed some common challenges, including the lack of real-time reporting and the inability to adapt to each event’s custom data requirements.

  • Every event and registrant are unique, and there was an inability to collect and adapt to this fully. These nuances include any custom capabilities such as event, lunch, and drink tickets, custom ribbon or lanyard codes, unique pop-up messages on the registration screen, and more.
  • Functional data was lacking. The reporting was limited and extremely basic. The prior reports were unable to provide the full scope of information desired. “It (the data) was so bare bones. I think it was maybe more difficult to get some of the different information that we would have found valuable.”

Instead of sticking to strict operation procedures, ATS offered Tradeshow Logic the ability to customize data and reports for each event to fit their needs.

The Solution

“The flexibility of ATS…you guys pay attention to those nuances in order to bring what is true to that particular organization.”

Bobby, Justin and their team recognized the possibilities that ATS could provide with custom data capabilities and extensive event reporting.

It was definitely beneficial for us to see real-time data. We definitely didn’t have that access in 2015. The live data made it possible for us to interact and see what attendees are doing to respond immediately with strategies to increase attendance.

ATS provided the flexibility to adapt to the client’s particular data needs by introducing on-demand printing of tickets based on the registration package. For the SMI Expo, the registrants would receive either a two-piece badge or a badge and ticket dependent on their registration data.

The most impactful result that Expometrics data reporting provided was the ability to watch data live on the dashboard. At MEE, the Expometrics platform allowed SMI and Tradeshow Logic to conduct prize drawings based on the attendee’s traffic to the exhibitor booths.

The live data that Expometrics maintains is now vital information and can provide custom reports important to each event. The flexibility and customization ATS provided allow every client the opportunity to make their registration work best for them.

The Result

“Everyone was pretty amazed by what ATS could do with their capabilities and just how flexible you guys are and could adapt to different situations.”

Tradeshow Logic has seen the transition from simple data collection to the platform used today, which is ready to be customized for every event. After working with ATS for years, the TSL team notices the overall increase in custom data collection opportunities. The ability to adapt assures that each event will be executed just as show management envisions. With the addition of Expometrics real-time reporting, the reporting capabilities are endless.

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