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Tradeshow badges have come a long way since the days of the peel-and-stick name tags. Today’s badges are available in a full spectrum of materials and colors that make a statement. American Tradeshow Services badge-printing integration services give show managers a complete set of options for onsite on-demand generation, pre-show badge printing, or a combination of both.

How Integrated Badge Printing Works

American Tradeshow Services offers a wide variety of badge-stock options to meet your event needs. With a vast variety of sizes and styles, ATS is able to produce a badge that best fits your conference needs. We make sure the end product is exactly what you are expecting on-site.

  • Badge Design & Production

    ATS’ team of in-house graphic designers can assist your team in creating and developing a badge that’s customized for specific events. Our team works daily with event planners’ in-house graphics experts providing badge specifications and guidance, and also receives graphics to handle the design element at no additional cost.

  • On-Site & On-Demand Badge Printing

    With American Tradeshow Services’ real-time badge production platform, your attendees’ credentials will be printed in lightning speed. ATS badging is turnkey: We handle the design, procurement and testing then ship to show site.

  • Barcoded & RFID Printed Badges

    ATS uses an encrypted QR code that prints in real-time onto the badge. If you’re also looking to do radio frequency identification (or RFID) tracking, the tags are already adhered to the badge. There are no extra steps at registration, as our printers can print and encode tags in real time. Click here to read more on how RFID works here.

  • Badge Scanners

    Much like our computers & printers ATS relies on premium brands for our scanning needs as well. ATS believes in investing in the best and when it comes to scanning technology Honeywell is the best. Whether you are getting on a plane, shipping a package or checking out at your grocery store Honeywell is the brand you see. When using ATS for attendance tracking & lead retrieval scanning Honeywell is also the brand you see. ATS team of in house developers custom wrote our proprietary App that is pre-loaded on our scanners before each event. Having an in house team of developers create this app allows us to easily provide customization for any scanning needs. Our inventory of over 1,200 Honeywell brand scanning devices is the backbone of our inventory!

Let Us Help You Find a Solution

American Tradeshow Services’ badge printing integration system provides a perfect production solution for events of any size. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our innovative tradeshow badge options.

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Printing badges pre-show and onsite used to be a grueling experience. With Print on Demand, seeing a difference in the line movement and how fluid it is…that’s really how we can see the success.

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