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Powerful Results for Exhibitors, Attendees, and Show Managers

American Tradeshow Services’ lead retrieval software delivers results for exhibitors, attendees, and show managers. Our goal is to provide fully customizable options to capture leads quickly and efficiently, whether in-booth or at show-related functions.

lead retrieval

What is Lead Retrieval?

Lead retrieval is the process of capturing sales leads generated at an event, trade show, or conference. The information collected from an individual is a lead, which provides potential revenue opportunities for companies. During the event, attendees wear a badge that features a QR code and exhibitors use lead retrieval devices to scan the code. Once scanned, the device digitally collects that person’s data from the registration database.

How Lead Retrieval Works

American Tradeshow Services offers multiple types of lead retrieval tools – hardware, including a hands-free option, and a mobile app. The app can be installed on exhibitors’ personal devices such as mobile phones and tablets. To capture the lead, simply hover the mobile device’s camera or the handheld scanner over an attendee’s QR code. To help facilitate social distancing, the hands-free option allows attendee to simply present the badge in front of a stationary scanner.  Once scanned, exhibitors have the ability to add notes on the fly, conduct quick surveys, or utilize custom qualifiers – all with one simple tool.

  • For Exhibitors

    American Tradeshow Services’ lead retrieval system is user friendly from ordering to on-site. We believe that having the best technology is nothing without great customer service. On-site, our trained staff interact with exhibitors and are on call for questions, special requests, training, and more. Exhibitors will be able to manage their leads real-time through our online ExpoMetrics portal.

  • For Show Managers

    Show Managers have real-time access to lead retrieval data by way of ExpoMetrics. The robust reporting offers a comprehensive understanding of traffic throughout the show flow from big picture information to micro statistics. With these data, show managers gain valuable insight on show floor interactions that will help to strategically design future halls and exhibition spaces.

  • For Attendees

    Gone are the days of physical business cards at trade shows. There is no longer a need to carry cards with an outdated title, cell number, or email address. Simply register for the event with current, accurate information, and the QR code printed on the badge will house this information in the form of an electronic business card.

Let ATS Lead the Way

American Tradeshow Services has successfully provided lead retrieval for thousands of events over the last 20 years.  Let us help you turn your show into a great investment for your exhibitors. Contact ATS today to learn how to implement lead retrieval at your next event.

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