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American Tradeshow Services offers a full range of badge styles, materials, custom design services, and printer types to suit varying applications. In the past, slick-looking badges with high-tech functionality meant pre-printing months in advance. Today, ATS’ TotalBadgePlus™ badges are created on our high-speed printers that facilitate FastTrack™ auto check-in and badge printing onsite. Eliminate pre-printing attendee badges and bulky vinyl holders by switching to the TotalBadgePlus badge system.

Premium Badge Solutions

How It Works

ATS has a large inventory of Zebra brand printers, which we recommend for events with high-volume attendance or production of personalized tickets per attendee. Our systems also interface with standard laser printers that accommodate custom layouts for single TotalBadge™ style badges, six at a time, three at a time, or stock with custom ticket layouts. For events that prefer the aesthetic of plastic badges, American Tradeshow Services houses a large inventory of card printers capable of producing high-quality professional ID style badges with barcoding or embedded NFC technologies.

You’ll Never Do It the Old Way Again

It takes show management weeks, or even months, to stuff envelopes with badges, ribbons and tickets. It's not only time consuming to pre-print badges, organize envelopes and filter though once on site. It also leads to long lines and loss of meaningful interaction with your valued attendees. Guests not only begin their experience with a poor first impression, show management does not have access to valuable real-time reporting, like metrics that outline live attendance and arrival time.

By eliminating pre-printing badges, attendees can also verify or update elements that print on their badge as they check in, such as the spelling of their name. There is no longer a need to move counters, wait in additional lines, or waste materials.

Looking For a Fresh New Look?

If you are looking to eliminate vinyl badge holders and get a fresh new look for your show credentials, American Tradeshow Services offers vinyl holder free single or double-sided TotalBadgePlus™ badge system. This stock is synthetic, eliminating the need for a vinyl holder for support and protection from the elements. With TotalBadgePlus, staff can simply clip the lanyard directly onto the badge as it dispenses from the printer. ATS offers a full range of badge styles, materials, custom design services, and printer types to suit varying applications. Contact us today to learn more about our premium badge solutions.

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We used the new premium badge stock during our smaller event in the summer. Once we saw it onsite, we knew it was going to work great for our larger event in the fall.

Jennifer Constantin

Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators