Attendance Tracking

Real-Time, Hassle-Free and Cost-Effective Attendance Tracking

Whether you have 100 or 50,000 attendees, American Tradeshow Services offers a variety of accurate, real-time, hassle-free and cost-effective systems to track attendance in and out of continuing education classes, general sessions, the exhibit hall, or even an after-hours party.

attendance tracking

Why Attendance Tracking is Critical

Accurately measuring and reporting an event's traffic is important to exhibitors, sponsors and the show management. Why?

An accurate traffic count can be the difference when your target audience is deciding whether to spend marketing dollars with you or another event. To attract and retain sponsors and vendors, you'll need the right technology to capture the most accurate traffic counts.

Accurate traffic data also helps managers on several levels, from evaluating attendee demographics and the impact of marketing campaigns, to gauging the effectiveness of the show layout and which products were the most successful. Groups might track attendance in sessions for room capacities, for general knowledge, or for continuing-education credits.

Top of the Line Technology

There are almost as many types of attendance-tracking technologies as there are different reasons to track attendance. ATS offers attendance tracking through barcode, NFC and RFID, the most commonly used technologies.

American Tradeshow Services works with your in-house IT staff to integrate the right attendance tracking technology into your show badge. ATS’ hand-held and countertop units easily read barcodes or RFID tags on show badges. Countertop options facilitate attendee self-scanning.

Our SessionPro™ software assigns a name, location and time of each session; attendee names are displayed along with the time and date of each scan. ATS SessionPro™ makes managing tracking equipment easy; units can be switched to different sessions with the simple scan of a barcode.

The Analytics

Data gathering includes session IDs, session types, credit values, participants, attendee information, dates and times, session names, locations, capacity and access control. RFID tracking can be customized by the client, while standard reporting includes information like session count by attendee type and gender, as well as Top 10 sessions.

All of ATS’ robust attendance tracking is date and time stamped – and it all happens instantaneously. You will be able to see when and what session registrants have attended during the show. With RFID tracking, show management can also review first-time seen information, last-time seen and total time in session.

This data is useful in selling future events to sponsors, since it offers more targeted specifics on who was in attendance at a sponsored event. Managers can track session popularity to determine if they should be held again at future shows, and speakers can see who attended their sessions. Exhibitors can also track attendance in reserved meeting rooms or at after-hours parties. Our online certificate website allows attendees to view credits earned and print out a custom-designed certificate for display.

Let’s Start Tracking

In the past, trade show effectiveness was a guessing game. Today, American Tradeshow Services’ attendance tracking technology can help show managers determine in real time whether their event was correctly targeted, which booths were the most successful, and how effective every element of the presentation was in engaging attendees and converting prospects into concrete leads. If you need accurate, affordable tracking solutions with robust real-time reporting, American Tradeshow Services can provide a solution that best fits your event needs.

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