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RFID Attendance Tracking Services

Ready to instantaneously track, locate and make critical decisions about your on-going event? The ATS Long Range RFID system delivers the full potential of Radio Frequency Identification technology with the most diverse and flexible line of tracking solutions, backed with more than a decade and a half of RFID development and engineering. 

Innovative solutions make American Tradeshow Services your trusted resource for RFID. Coupled with our proprietary ExpoMetrics real-time reporting tool, ATS RFID solutions will guide your organization through the process of implementing an RFID tracking system for any event. Best of all, our RFID solutions feature seamless integration with your current environment. 

RFID Services

How Does RFID work?

RFID readers use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags that can be attached to objects – or in your case, event attendees. An RFID tag is a paper-thin device that, upon receiving a signal, emits a different signal in response. When triggered by an electromagnetic pulse from a nearby RFID reader, the tag transmits a digital packet back to the reader. This packet of data can then be used to capture valuable attendee movement information, which exhibit managers then use to measure who visits an exhibit, attends sessions, meals and any other event space where tracking is important. There’s no better way to measure what’s working best at your trade show.

Our RFID Services

American Tradeshow Services uses both passive and active RFID tags. Passive tags are powered by energy from the RFID reader’s radio waves. Active tags are battery powered, and can be scanned at a greater range by the RFID reader, up to hundreds of yards.

We’ll apply the type of technology that best meets your show’s specific needs, including TotalBadgeRF™ long-range RF tags that can be integrated into an existing badge system via the ATS TotalBadgeRF™; ATS TotalBadgeRF™, which can be created with standard laser printer or high-speed Zebra brand printers; or ExpoProLRP™ systems that can be networked to allow remote monitoring in real-time.

RF portals are extremely efficient, allowing attendees to freely move into and out of monitored areas. A flexible mounting system allows for readers to be mounted using stanchions or tables. And we offer real-time tracking via the ATS Mobile Web App.

Let’s Start Tracking

Want to receive valuable metrics from sessions or details about general movement throughout your event? ATS provides accurate RFID attendance tracking for trade shows of all sizes, and our contactless or passive RFID technology will add speed, accuracy, efficiency and security.

These affordable tags, used in conjunction with ATS ExpoPro LRPs (or long-range portal), allow show managers to monitor attendee movement into and around your exhibit floor, or into and out of conference sessions. Monitoring passively without altering their pattern of movement is the goal. Contact ATS today to find out how to reach that goal without having to break the bank.

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