How to Make the Most of Event Attendee Tracking Data

March 11, 2020

Making the Most of Attendee Tracking Data

Tracking attendee data can be essential to event coordinators because it gives options and endless opportunities for their event's future. Not only would attendance tracking record foot traffic, but it will also provide information from within your event. Here are some examples of what may come out of attendance tracking:

  • Traffic

    Event headcounts are significant to event coordinators because it will provide information on which session, or subject, is more or less popular than the other. Attendance tracking also gives event coordinators the information on which class will need a larger room for more capacity.

  • Marketing

    Send your attendees the recorded number of the event. Attendees love to ask, “How many people attended this year?” and it usually gives them a bigger picture of how they can network with others at the show or post-show. Include highlights of the previous day’s events and what’s ahead for the present day. Click here to learn more about our content management services.

  • Follow-ups

    Collecting attendance data leads to future expectations. Event organizers should always follow up with their attendees, whether it be through phone, email, or snail mail (letter). Each follow-up should include surveys which will allow feedback to your event and give you options for your next show. Also include a form or information on your website on how to attend for next year’s event.

  • Surveys

    Always provide surveys for your attendees! Though you may not enjoy doing surveys, some attendees love to take their time and provide their feedback, whether it be positive or negative. Be sure to make your surveys short and easy! Only include questions on what you believe were key to your event, such as the check-in process, were signs present and easy to navigate, or were break times long enough, etc. This information will give you feedback of likes and dislikes of your event. Anything that you may have thought was a great idea at first, can be the total opposite to an attendee. Create a survey that allows attendees to rate from the overall satisfaction of:

    • Very Satisfied
    • Somewhat satisfied
    • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
    • Somewhat dissatisfied
    • Very dissatisfied

Not only will these options give you an approximate average answer, but it will also eliminate any disliked options for your next event.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

In conclusion, tracking attendee data gives the show organizer the potential to improve for a better event than the last. Listening to the attendees’ response allows the event organizer to see what hit or missed, what stood out, and what could be next for the future event.

If you have questions about making the most of your event attendee tracking data or any other aspect of a great show, contact us today to learn how American Tradeshow Services can help.

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